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Wax Contraindications


It is important that your esthetician know any medications that you are taking and/or any skin products that you are using. This can ensure a safe and successful waxing experience.

Discontinue use of these medications for at least (3) months prior to waxing. ACCUTANE must be discontinued for (1) year prior.

                •             Accutane (Acne medication)

                •             Adapalene (Acne medication)

                •             Alustra (Retin A)

                •             Antibiotics

                •             Avage (Tazorac – Acne medication)

                •             Avita (type of Retin A)

                •             Clindamycin

                •             Differin (Acne medication)

                •             Doxycycline

                •             Erythromycin

                •             Isotretinoin (like Accutane)

                •             Madifloxicine

                •             Metronidazole

                •             Minocycline

                •             Renova (Retin A)

                •             Tazarac (Acne medication)

                •             Tazarotene (like Tazorac)

                •             Tetracycline

                •             Tretinoin (like Retin A)

These medications may cause the skin to thin or to be extra sensitive to waxing, causing it to lift with the wax.


If you are currently using any of the following products, they can cause the skin to be overly sensitive. Please inform me prior to your appointment.

                •             Other Acne medications not listed above

                •             Alpha Hydroxy Acids (Glycolic, Lactic)

                •             Topical Antibiotics

                •             Retinol

                •             Salicylic Acid

                •             Exfoliants/Laser Peels/Microdermabrasion


Never wax when

                •             You are taking Accutane or have taken in in less than a year

                •             You are taking any other prescription acne medications

                •             You have Lupus or Aids

                •             You’re in cancer therapy getting Chemo or Radiation

                •             You have used a tanning bed within the last 24 hour



If you are taking a medication or using a product that has changed your skin in any way, and you are unsure about the safety of waxing, please talk to your doctor first. Hopefully we can work together to make your waxing experience a great one!

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